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Our dental training courses are designed to meet the needs of the modern dentist.


A team of internationally renowned speakers to offer our students the best of dental training.


University Master of Science degree in collaboration with the University of Berlin.


P&P Dental creates synergies with companies operating in the dental and biomedical sectors, a personalized service

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Social Responsability

P&P Dental strongly supports social responsibility (CSR) principles as an essential element of any organization. Over the years we have put lots of efforts in supporting projects with humanitarian goals and internally we have elaborated a clear CSR strategy fully convinced of the positive effect that businesses have on the rest of the community.

We are engaged in sustainability issues and support initiatives leveraging our medical and technological knowledge to enhance the capacities of developing countries.

Additionally, we are particularly proud of our partnership with the Foundation Operation Smile Italy Onlus, active in Italy since 2000 with over 100 volunteer doctors, nurses and health workers, employed in medical missions worldwide. The Foundation contributes to the sustainability of the international programmes through fundraising activities and donations from individuals and companies.

Below the most relevant projects we supported:

– International Congress Smile and Friends Symposium
– Annual Wine Auction
– Olympics Annual Smilev
– Polo del Sorriso annuale

Beyond Education

Beyond Education is a P&P Dental project aiming to deliver a fully integrated education across all Dental disciplines through short, medium and long term programmes. It delivers a high quality foundational learning that goes beyond standard educational courses (hence the term ‘Beyond Education’) by integrating academic studies with close interactions and involvement.

Beyond Education is a flexible and expandable learning model that allows you to choose the path that best suits your needs and eventually integrate it with other proposed programmes.

The recommended, though optional, learning path offered by P&P Dental includes:
– Annual Theoretical-Practical Course In Fixed Prosthesis Interdisciplanary Approach – speaker Dr. Piero Simeone
– Prothetic Dentistry “A Team View” – speaker Prof Gregor Slavicek
– Theoretical course – speaker Prof. Sadao Sato
– Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Dentistry in cooperation with Steinbeis Hochschule, Berlin Univeristy
– Italian international known speakers.

Training ECM

From October 2016, P&P Service Events Organizers Srl is ECM Certified Provider (ID number: 5157).
The professionalism of a healthcare operator can be defined by three fundamental characteristics:

  1. The possession of updated theoretical knowledge (knowledge);
  2. The possession of technical or manual skills (doing);
  3. The possession of communication and relational skills (being).

The rapid and continuous development of medicine, as well as the continuous growth of both technological and organizational innovations, make it increasingly difficult for the individual healthcare provider to maintain these three characteristics at the highest level: in other words, to remain “updated and competent”.