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Our Education

Whoever enters the P&P Dental world sets the advantage of high quality training and continuous attention.

P&P Dental is the ideal partner for the dental world because it creates training, it does not just spread it.

Training courses in dentistry, from the short course to the annual course, up to the university Master of Science realized in collaboration with the University of Berlin, which stands out for its value and importance from the many courses simply organized master.

Our dental training is created and supplied to meet the needs of the modern dentist, by tariff so that it is always able to offer the patient an interdisciplinary and updated vision.

A pool of internationally renowned teachers to offer the best of world dentistry in Italy.

A training and networking system to offer all students and participants a scalable and progressive offer.

Courses in evidence


Dr. Piero Simeone

Prof. Sadao Sato

Prof. Gregor Slavicek

Prof. Jean Daniel Orthlieb

Prof. Giulio Rasperini

Dr. Cesare Luzi

Odt. Salvatore Sgrò

Odt. Daniele Rondoni

Odt. Antonello Di Felice

Prof. Armelle Maniere-Ezvan

Dott. Marco Martignoni

Prof. Ferdiando D’Ambrosio

Prof. Matthias Beck

Dott. Sergio De Paoli

Dott. Rodolfo Gianserra

Prof. Stefano Di Girolamo

Dott. Raffaele Cavalcanti

Dott.ssa Marisa Roncati

Prof. Tiziano Testori

Dott.ssa Leila Falzone

Master of Science

Curriculum Biomedical Interdisciplinary Dentistry (M.Sc.BID)

Masticatory Function & Esthetics in Prosthesis within Interdisciplinary Dentistry

The objective of the Master of Science, titled “Masticatory Function & Aesthetics Prosthesis into the Interdisciplinary Dentistry” gnathological rehabilitation, in line with the programmes available in universities in the most advanced countries in this field.