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Masticatory Function & Esthetics in Prosthesis within Interdisciplinary Dentistry

Curriculum Biomedical Interdisciplinary Dentistry (M.Sc.BID)

The curriculum of the Master of Science in Biomedical Interdisciplinary Dentistry (BID) includes an intense and innovative training, from the chewing function and dental prosthesis, to the main disciplines of dentistry with interdisciplinary teaching.

The objective of the Master of Science, titled “Masticatory Function & Aesthetics Prosthesis into the Interdisciplinary Dentistry” gnathological rehabilitation, in line with the programmes available in universities in the most advanced countries in this field.

The main aim is to enable the students to understand the function of the masticatory system, common denominator for setting the right diagnosis, the functional rehabilitation and the interdisciplinary functionally oriented treatment plan.

The Master programme starts with the diagnostic principles through to final rehabilitation, exploring different methods of instrumental analysis such as condylography, cephalometry, electromyography including anamnestic data, laboratory analysis and radiologic/imaging exams.

The result of this approach is a balanced masticatory organ where skeletal, muscular and fascial structures are in mutual harmony with the prosthetic and chewing function, according to Slavicek’s philosophy.

The Master of Science BID is divided in ten modules – six days each over two year period for a total of 3600 hours, including self-learning and Master Project. The modules are the teaching units. To complete the Master, the students will work on the scientific programme, conduct statistics, sustain the exams and defend the final thesis at the Steinbeis Transfer Institut in Berlin.
Attendance is mandatory, in case of absence will not be possible to repeat the lessons.


The maximum number of participants is 16. It is opens to dentists and dental technicians.

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M1: Introduction to the masticatory system – Evolution of the masticatory system -System Skull Mandibular – Neuro Muscular System – Analysis clinical instrumental.

M2: Occlusal function and dysfunction – Occlusion and malocclusion – Osteopathy – Radiology & Imaging.

M3: DTM occlusion and orthodontics – Position therapeutic mandible.

M4: Orthodontics based on control of the occlusal plane.

M5: Bruxism – Architecture occlusal in global reconstruction.

M6: Fixed prosthesis and complete rehabilitation – Occlusion in periodontal and implant prosthetics – Science of dental materials.

M7: Relations with the Interdisciplinary Dentistry – Periodontal Therapy & Reconstruction of occlusal.

M8: Total Face Approach – Contemporary implant therapy – The system Oto-Headset and TMJ dysfunction.

M9:Cosmetic & Reconstructive Dentistry – Endodontics & Conservative therapy – Methods and procedures of Dental Technology.

M10: Presentation and discussion of the Master’s thesis (Berlin).

The master is a comprehensive programme based on the achievement of the International Title of Master of Science. After submitting the request of exemption and the relevant documents proving the achievement of the title, the above qualification will grant to the participants the exemption from the Ministry of the University (own Country) for the credits achieved in the two years of attendance (120 CEM credits total). The exemption from the obligation to acquire the credits is valid for the entire period (reference years) of the Master attendance.

Doctors achieve the Diploma of International Master of Science.

Dental Technicians achieve the Diploma of International Bachelor of Science.

The Master is recognized by the FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation).

( Exemption ECM )

Registration fee Doctors: €1.500,00 (+VAT)

Tuition fee Doctors: €19.000,00 (+VAT)

Registration fee Dental Technician: €1.000,00 (+VAT)

Tuition fee Dental Technicians: €14.000,00 (+VAT)

Submission deadline

30 September 2017

Terms of Payment

MONEY TRANSFER : P&P Service Event Organizers Srl
Unicredit Bank – IT 35 N 02008 05120 000102763424 SWIFT/BIC: UNCRITMM.

The balance fee will be distributed throughout 2017, 2018 and 2019 no interest rate is added; ask the secretary for the instalment plan.


Speaker: Prof. Gregor Slavicek, Dr. Piero Simeone, Prof. J. Daniel Orthlieb, Prof. A. Maniere-Ezvan, Prof. Tiziano Testori, Prof. Sadao Sato, Prof. Matthias Beck, Dott. Rodolfo Gianserra, Prof. Giulio Rasperini, Dott. Marco Martignoni, Prof. Stefano Di Girolamo, Prof. Ferdinando D’Ambrosio, ODT. Sig. Salvatore Sgrò

Location of educational activities: Roma- Auditorium Antonianum, Viale Manzoni, 1

Location for practical exercises: Steinbeis University Institut Stuttgart

Location of the Master thesis discussion: Steinbeis Institut University Berlin

Start II edition: In planning

Duration: 2 years

To whom it is addressed: Surgeons, dentists and dental technicians