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Prof. Sadao Sato’s course is addressed to all orthodontists who are looking for predictable treatment options and alternatives to orthognathic surgery, premolar extractions, extra-oral forces and treatment for patients with dysfunction. It represents an important opportunity to learn highly innovative techniques, far exceeding current standards. Thanks to Professor Sato’s orthodontic technique, students will be able to achieve practical results that could hardly be achieved with the traditional orthodontic approach.

The exceptionality of having Prof. Sadao Sato in person, who introduces his philosophy and orthodontic technique, his approach to bruxism and dental occlusion, represents a unique opportunity to access excellent dental training. His course will allow the participants to learn highly innovative techniques, providing a more advanced view of orthodontics. The high level of education offered by Professor Sadao Sato’s course can also be a valid approach to assessing what he has proposed within the Master of  Science, a two-year international training course.

To learn more about Professor Sadao Sato, his orthodontic technique and his method, visit our Blog.

Among the subjects covered by Professor Sato:

    • Treatment of malocclusion;
    • Class II dento-skeletal relation;
    • Class III dento-skeletal relation;
    • Innovative approach to Bruxism;
    • Open bite;
    • TMJ Disfunctions;
    • MEAW technique & Sato philosophy.

To join the Interactive Session, the participant must complete and send to the email address the application form (REQUIREMENTS … pdf) by 10 October 2018, together with a copy of the registration.



The course aims to provide the participant with a new and radical approach to orthodontic therapy that is not based solely on pure dental movement, with the aim of achieving a causative resolution of malocclusions even in adulthood.


Dentists-Dental technicians


Speaker: Prof. Sadao Sato

Location: Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel & Spa

Course dates: November, 13th-17th 2018

Duration: 5 days

Target audience: Dentists and Dental technicians

CME credits: 25 credits

Course fee: € 2.500 (VAT excluded)